Sarangkot village

Sarangkot is a mountain village in central Nepal, near Pokhara, in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is home to about 7000 people, who live in approximately 1400 houses .
Sarangkot Foundation (Stichting Sarangkot) has been working for over a decade towards improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of Sarangkot and surrounding villages. From a Buddhistic-humanistic vision and in response to the people’s own request, the foundation applies itself to providing good education, clean drinking water and a good, clean environment.


On December 13th of 2000 Sarangkot Foundation was established in Zutphen, the Netherlands. It is based on Buddhist principles, which means that compassion with all beings is the central idea. The foundation applies itself to assisting the residents of Sarangkot and the surrounding area, while taking into account, as much as possible, the local culture and natural environment.
The projects focus on water management, education, waste disposal, health and hygiene.
In 2005 the foundation assisted in establishing the Nepalese partner-organisation ‘Changeable Sarangkot Society’ in Sarangkot. This partner-organisation puts forward project proposals for financial support from the Sarangkot Foundation. The village of Pumdi Bumdi followed suit with a partner organisation and a group of women established the ‘Sarangkot Women’s NGO’.


Six of our actual projects

1. Upgrading of educational levels of primary schools began in 2010. Ihe main focus is on implementation of new teaching methods and in-service training of the teachers. Among other things, the activities focus on the input from parents and their involvement in general. At the moment we support a school in Sarangkot, Chapakot and Pumdi Bumdi.

2. The Nepalese government has been working for years towards a final solution for water related problems in Sarangkot and surrounding villages. This project is being supported by Sarangkot Foundation also contributes to this project.

3. Garbage in Sarangkot is now being separated at household level before collection and subsequent transportation to the Pokhara waste disposal facility. The challenge now is to increase the (financial) commitment of the people.

4. The water tanks for the Leprocy community in Kathmandu and the slump area in Pokhara has been handed over to the local residents, who contributed a great deal towards the labour involved. A small fund enables them to do the maintenance.

5. The smoke-free stoves that we provided are quite successful, but they do require maintenance and repair. Our Women’s NGO takes care of this.

6. The Campus-fund currently supports three students by financing their vocational education (2014).

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